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Our Llewellins

Shenandoah Mtn Wind'em Casey

Casey is Gaelic for "Brave" and that she is. This is one hard charging bird dog, it doesn't matter were that bird goes, she will go get it. She is none stop. One of the best nose's you will ever come across. She is a clean up dog. What other dogs miss, she will find/

Pedigree - ShenMtnWindemCasey.pdf

Penn Hip - 100

Shenandoah Mtn Creek Seanan

Seanan is Gaelic for "Ancient" Truly an old style hunting dog. Big hard running dog. Super birdie. All natural pointing, backing and retrieving. Super soft mouth. Seanan is now retired from hunting, still goes out. But two years got bit by copperhead right in the black of the nose. Whole head swelled up, it was not good. He lost all of his smelling

Pedigree - ShenMtnCreekSeanan.pdf

Penn Hip - 80

Shenandoah Mtn Creek Moe

Moe is just an awesome dog. All natural hunting dog!! Never have had to teach this dog a thing. This dog is great to get behind and just watch him work. Beautiful points and retrieves.

Pedigree - ShenMtnCreekMoe.pdf

Shenandoah Mtn Kelly

Kelly is Gaelic for "Warrior Women", she is that and more. This is our up and coming guide dog. She is already our number two dog and moving up fast.  9:00 o'clock tail, super hard hunting, super pleasing dog. Could not ask for a better dog on a day out hunting.

Pedigree - ShenMtnCreekKelly.pdf

Penn Hip - 70

Shenandoah Mtn Dixie

I could have used a whole lot better looking picture of her all clean. But this is a true southern working class dog. Hard working to the core. She is a young dog that we just bought back, the guy said she would not hunt. Paw up, straight back tail, retrieves to hand, super soft mouth. Super incredible dog, for a dog that will not hunt.

Pedigree - Coming - She is out of Seanan and Sissy

Shenandoah Mtn Sissy

Sissy is Gaelic for "Blind", O.K. she is far from it. This is our Grouse dog. When we go hunting, this is the dog we take. She is a real close working dog, hunts the mountain roads like a champ. She does get out as a guide dog as well. Sweetest dog in the world, loves to be loved.

Pedigree - ShenMtnSissy.pdf

Shenandoah Mtn Jack

Jack is just 10 months old in this picture and is already a master of the game. This dog is incredible! Hard charging, working the field like a champ, finds any bird out there, this is the real deal. We expect great things from this dog.

Pedigree - Casey & Seanan - not registered yet

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