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Llewellins For Sale

Super Birdie Orange Belton Llewellin Setter, 10 month old male dog for sale.

Awesome repeat breeding! These dogs are breed to be all natural in pointing, retrieving to hand, soft mouths, backing, and great endurance.

This dog has been on birds since 6 weeks old and has had numerous bird exposures since then. We have a very unique dog training program for our young dogs. We do not pressure these dogs at a young age to perform or master a lot of commands; we just work on the basics. The number one training tool we use is birds and our dogs learn to play a game called bird hunting. Llewellins do not perform well to pressure training when young, they reach optimum hunting performance at around five years old . So a young dog that is finding birds, retrieving to hand, and loves hunting before one years of age, will be just outstanding by five. We are now shooting over this dog!

Our focus is on producing the finest foot bird hunting Llewellins. Shenandoah Mountain Outfitters Llewellin’s are primary working dogs on our public game preserve and personal hunting dogs. The best way to find out the quality of your dog is to hunt it.

Periodically throughout the year we have a litter or two. We do not breed for puppies to sell, but to produce our next generation of premium hunting dogs. This allows individuals looking for a quality dog to take advantage of our misfortune in not being able to keep the entire litter.

These dogs love people and make great pets, no problems in going from the couch to the field.

Sire: Shenandoah Mtn Creek Seanan, 80% PennHip Score Dam: Shenandoah Mtn Widem Casey, 100% PennHip Score. Both parents FDSB registered and DNA.

Dog comes up to date on all shots and worming for their age. Shots are given for Bordetella, Distemper, Hepatitis/Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvo and Rabies

You are going to know exactly what you are getting, by coming out to the outfitters and seeing this dog in action.

Male $1400.00 Each


Shenandoah Mountain Outfitters, LLC – West Augusta, Va

Patrick Rodgers – Cell 301-343-7979

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