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Looking for near-virgin brook trout fishing?

Virginia has 2,800 miles of trout waters, 500 miles of stocked, and 2,300 miles of wild trout streams providing some of the most unique fly fishing in the country. Here at Shenandoah Mountain Outfitters we are fly fishing for the brilliantly colored native brook trout deep in the mountains. Follow many of the tributaries of stocked waters onto the mountainsides of pristine streams and you will find near-virgin brook trout fishing.
Virginia stream's offer some of the best almost year round fishing. It's not unusual to find yourself fishing in late November, early December and yourself fishing in short sleeves. Of course there are cold days in the fall, but as the sun warms up the water by midday fish become active. 
January and February seem like they will never end waiting for March to get some early fishing in. April and May bring hatches of every type, quill gordon, blue quill, march brown, and gray-winged yellow quill to name a few. 
I am currently only offering guided trips without instruction. I will be glad to take you along with me  fly-fishing for the day, but I am fishing as well. You get to fish along side. So where ever I take you, you know we are there to catch fish.
Call for availability.


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